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Marex Financial Products offers a wide range of investment products to meet all your needs, from yield enhancement to indexing solutions.

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Yield Enhancement Products
ISIN Product name Coupon Rate p.a. Capital Barrier Maturity Bid Ask
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763103 Phoenix Memory Autocall on Linde PLC, Air Liquide SA and Cie de Saint-Gobain SA 10.32% 60% 28.07.2027 - -
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763087 Phoenix Memory Autocall Oracle, Microsoft and Western Digital 12.60% 60% 05.05.2027 - -
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,SECONDARY MARKET,Snowball,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763079 Autocall Snowball on Enel 10.00% 65% 30.04.2029 990.00 1000.00
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763038 Phoenix Memory Autocall BPER Banca SPA, BNP Paribas SA, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA and FinecoBank 14.10% 50% 06.05.2030 990.00 1000.00
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,INDEX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763046 Phoenix Memory Autocall on STOXX Europe 600 Utilities Price EUR, EURO STOXX 50® Index, S&P 500® Index and EURO STOXX Banks Index 9.80% 60% 06.05.2030 990.00 1000.00
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763020 Phoenix Memory Autocall on Enel SpA, Unicredit, Assicurazioni Generali and Mediobanca SpA 14.00% 50% 06.05.2030 990.00 1000.00
AIRBAG,AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,LOW STRIKE,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763012 Phoenix Memory Autocall Airbag on TotalEnergies SE, Enel SpA, Engie SA and Veolia Environnement SA 8.50% 50% 18.04.2029 978.91 988.92
AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006763004 Phoenix Memory Autocall on FinecoBank, Engie, RWE and NextEra 12.64% 50% 24.06.2027 994.68 1004.69
AIRBAG,AUTOCALLABLE,EUR,EUROLTX,LOW STRIKE,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006762998 Phoenix Memory Autocall Airbag on Allianz, BNP Paribas and UniCredit 10.00% 50% 18.04.2029 969.74 979.75
Capital Protected Products
ISIN Product name Capital Protection level Maturity Bid Ask
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,SECONDARY MARKET,SINGLE UNDERYLING IT0006763053 100% Capital Protected on Valori SICAV - Subordinated Debt Fund 100% 12.05.2028 - -
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,SECONDARY MARKET IT0006763061 100% Capital Protected on Valori SICAV - Global Flexible Bond 100% 12.05.2028 - -
AUTOCALLABLE,CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET,Snowball IT0006762535 100% Capitale Protetto Autocall Snowball on Bayer and Pfizer 23.03.2028 923.94 933.95
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET IT0006756966 100% Capital Protected Moncler, Stellantis NV and Apple Inc. 100% 20.05.2027 1007.28 1017.29
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,INDEX,MULTI UNDERLYING,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET IT0006756370 100% Capital Protected on Euro Stoxx Select Dividend 30 and Dow Jones Industrial Average 100% 30.04.2026 1029.37 1039.38
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,INDEX,SECONDARY MARKET,SINGLE UNDERYLING IT0006756032 100% Capital Protected with Coupon on Euro Stoxx 50® 16.04.2025 993.22 1003.23
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,SECONDARY MARKET IT0006756016 100% Capital Protected with Coupon on Enel, Eni and Snam 16.04.2026 990.61 1000.62
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,MULTI UNDERLYING,SECONDARY MARKET IT0006756008 100% Capital Protected with Coupon on Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit and Mediobanca 16.04.2026 993.74 1003.75
CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,INDEX,QUANTO,SECONDARY MARKET,SINGLE UNDERYLING IT0006755497 100% Capital Protected with Coupon on S&P 500® 24.03.2027 985.22 986.29
AUTOCALLABLE,CAPITAL PROTECTED,EUR,EUROLTX,GUARANTEED COUPON,MULTI UNDERLYING,PHOENIX,SECONDARY MARKET,YIELD ENHANCEMENT IT0006754995 100% Capital Protected Phoenix Memory Autocall on Enel, Eni and Intesa Sanpaolo 10.03.2027 987.91 997.92
Credit Linked
ISIN Product name Maturity Bid Ask
CLN,EUR,EUROLTX,SECONDARY MARKET,SENIOR IT0006762741 Credit Linked Certificate on Banco BPM Senior 10.01.2029 9875.28 9975.29
CLN,EUR,EUROLTX,MARKET RECOVERY,SECONDARY MARKET,SENIOR IT0006762162 Credit Linked Certificate on Assicurazioni Generali Senior 10.01.2029 9904.37 10004.38

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