48m Wof 100 per cent. Capital Protected Memory Classic Autocall on Bayer AG, Pfizer Inc. in EUR

Product Details

ISIN IT0006762535ISIN Copied UNDERLYINGS Bayer AG, Pfizer Inc. Autocallable Multi Underlying Snowball ISSUER Marex Financial (BBB) CURRENCY EUR LISTING MARKET EuroTLX ISSUE PRICE EUR 1000 FREQUENCY Annually FIRST AUTOCALL DATE 16.03.2026 STRIKE 100% BARRIER TYPE Airbag 955.62BID 965.63ASK Price on 06:29 CET 25 July 2024

Product Lifecycle

12.03.2024 ISSUE DATE
23.03.2028 MATURITY DATE


Underlying Bloomberg Ticker Initial Fixing Closing Price Performance Coupon Barrier Level Capital Barrier Level Distance to Capital Barrier
Bayer AG BAYN GY Equity 26.025 EUR 26.975 EUR 3.65% - - 3.52% Chart
Pfizer Inc. PFE UN Equity 28.13 USD 29.98 USD 6.58% - - 6.17% Chart

Product Documentation

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Early redemption calendar

Observation date Early redemption date Early redemption amount Early redemption trigger
16.03.2026 25.03.2026 1103.6 EUR 100%
15.03.2027 24.03.2027 1155.4 EUR 96%
14.03.2028 23.03.2028 1207.2 EUR 92%

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